Is Social Media, Boon, or Curse?

Is Social Media Boon Or Curse, Let’s find out.

The millennials forming a high part of today’s society springs to an internet-driven tech-world, which comprises nearly more than half of the global population. Here speaking of the population makes me think of the youth, The OUR generation. A generation where everything is at your fingertips, just a browse, and you there! That’s what social media is. from searching for a high profile job on LinkedIn to looking for different recipes on YouTube, social media contributes to each and every sector.

Distance is nothing when you’re in touch, A simple text keeps you connected, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook makes your day good! from stalking your icons to Retweeting on Twitter, you spread and gain information, you create your perceptions, your motivators, and your values to act. But the thing is Are you on the right track? The forwarded messages, Do they explain the real facts? trending on Twitter with so many hashtags, but is it really needed. Trends come and go but what is left is your unconscious facts, yes they are with you every single day. get together’s are replaced with Instagram stories, News is replaced by post, no matter authenticated or not. It spreads from you to you. and that’s where there is no more boon.


Definitely speaking of digitalization helps you for wonders but for what drawbacks is what matters today. Your influence makes society and you should be absolutely right at it because it can cost more. maybe an irresponsible you, maybe a negative you, or maybe a person who feels everything is ok! as social media always says.


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